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Friday 8th April 2016

From our Chairman...

I moved to Manea in 2005 and I recall the excitement of moving into our new house and anticipating starting a new life away from the hustle and bustle of Luton, in a place where there would be a real sense of community.

Manea Matters - We were not disappointed. One of the first things we found when we moved in was a copy of Manea Matters, left for us by the previous occupants in a conspicuous place in the kitchen. I clearly remember looking through the booklet and thinking what a mine of information it was for somebody new to the village, full of stuff about what is going on, and useful phone numbers, addresses and contact details. Since then every copy that has dropped through our letter box has continued to impress, and to be read, and substituted for the previous copy in the kitchen letter rack… just in case we need to find something locally.

Events - Over the years I have also been privileged to be involved in many of the events put on by the Manea Connect Committee (the people who produce Manea Matters) and have always been bowled over by their imagination and enthusiasm for providing the community with something a little bit special.

Members of the Connect Committee have come and gone since its inception in 2004 but one thing remains constant: the commitment to live up to the ideal enshrined in the name of the committee - to connect the community, and all the people and social groups within it.

Community - When I was asked to take over as Chair of the Connect Committee I was very proud to accept. Every Chair has brought something new to the committee. I would like my contribution to be the strengthening of that connection between Manea Matters and the community by inviting your contributions and casting a greater spotlight on the people, groups and events that make Manea such a great place to live. Then we can say that Manea Matters is truly produced by the community, for the community.

Mark, Chairman

Manea's Action Plan Update

The up-to-date progress of the 48 actions in Manea’s Action Plan is currently on display on the station notice board.

  • RED i.e. little or no progress,
  • AMBER i.e. work in progress
  • GREEN i.e. completed

Walking Map of Manea Update

Waymarkers and QR codes will be put in place along the six walking routes during the summer months. Comments received from route-walkers are being taken into account, so do keep them coming!

Station Car Park Update

Station Car Park Update MAPIG has continued to lobby Fenland District Council (FDC) and Abellio Greater Anglia (AGA). We received the following from Wendy Otter (Transport Development Manager & Hereward CRP Officer FDC) on 7th August:- "Following my previous update to you all, it has now been agreed that Abellio Greater Anglia are commissioning the survey work that is required. They have informed us today that a contract for this work has now been let and that the survey work will take place within the next 6 weeks. The precise details are currently being organised with the contractor and I will provide more information when it is made available to us. This will include informing you of the date when the work will be taking place."

"Additional discussions are also now taking place relating to permitted development rights, and it will help if it is possible to reduce the timescale for completing the project. Rail Operators do have powers under permitted development legislation. Changes to rules in this area since previous discussions were held make it more probable that the scheme may not need planning permission. My planning colleagues will need to check any final design but this does seem positive."

"As the results of the survey work are critical to ongoing discussions and because the survey work is now going to take place fairly soon, we have agreed with AGA to meet again in September." On the 11th August she continued: "I confirm that we are still committed to delivering this project and that it is now moving forward more positively, with the survey work being commissioned."

MAPIG also have placed this virtual report copy on-line for newcomers to Manea – a very warm welcome to you – and for anyone who has mislaid their hardcopy.

Any queries, or if you require further information, please email for further details.

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