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27th April 2018

From our Chairpersons...

Spring has arrived and we hope, by the time this has gone to press, the weather is being kind to us and signs of the new season are all around. Check out Spring Species Spotting for what to look out for in the world of nature and please be on the alert for illegal hare coursers in our area too. We have explained how to report them anonymously as they are not people you would wish to argue with face-to-face so please put your safety first!

We have two new clubs starting up in the village so there’s even more to do – see Pages 7 and 8 for details. If you like football but your days of running around the field are in the past, check out the feature on Walking Football (P15 & P16) – it could come to Manea!

An article, which we would hope not to need to publish is one on Cyberbullying (P9 & P10) but we support the author in their mission to stamp out this scourge on our community so please read it and help if you can. If you are a victim, there are people and organisations out there who want to help so do contact them – don’t suffer alone.

As you will see, lots of variety, including how to encourage your children to enjoy maths! Please keep the articles coming. Finally, a plea re the deadline (see right) for submissions. PLEASE try to meet it as the turnaround time is tight and we don't want to disappoint any of you - thank you.

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